Reclaimed furniture: what's old is new again

More and more homeowners are now focusing on a vintage look for their decor needs. One of the most popular new features in furniture design is reclaiming and restoring older furniture pieces to get a authentic and unique vintage look. As a result of this trend many modern furniture companies are now beginning to specialize in restorations and will regularly stock reclaimed furniture. 

Quality companies are doing a lot of the work themselves or doing private contractors to handle the restoration. While reclaimed furniture is often a little more expensive than purchasing newer pieces it does often lead to a higher quality product. This because a lot of older furniture is commonly made out of more resilient materials like hardwoods, eco-friendly fabrics and more. Through the process of restoration reclaimed furniture often gets updated as well as improved with many of today's newest materials. It is this marriage of old and new that creates strong furniture pieces for the future. 

As well as offering a unique look for your home and extremely strong construction, reclaimed furniture is extremely eco-friendly. Reclaimed furniture often is made up of pieces that would've made their way into a landfill. By recycling and restoring them it’s possible to prevent the destruction of certain resources as well as reduce the consumption that needs to take place in order to create a brand-new piece of furniture. 

Reclaimed pieces have a lot of character to them, the materials are different, the design is different and they are almost everlasting with their design and construction. As more furniture companies begin to take on this trend we are seeing more imaginative pieces that are marrying together modern design and vintage styling. The creations continue to rollout and unlikely finds for design enthusiasts are everywhere to be found. With reclaimed furniture what's old is certainly new again.

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