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Does your furniture reflect your personality?

Mar 09, 2015
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It is an accepted norm in modern society that our lifestyle choices, our behavior, our environment and our social standing, all of these contribute towards the development of our personality. When we have guests coming, the first thing we do is clean up our house, our furniture, rug etc. Only then do we take care of our own looks. So why is it that people judge us by our home?

Well, there's an interesting take on that. In current times, home decor and styling, on which our furniture contributes a great deal towards, has become embedded to an expression of self. We have started comparing our home space as an “object” or possession, which reflects the owner's social status and personality.

So, to keep up with an increasing demand of luxury furniture, accessories and architecture, designers have started employing high end work ethics and standards, to cater to domestic as well as international customers.

In fact, this sector is so high in demand, that it was least affected by the economic slump experienced by every other business sector a couple of years ago.

Also, today's generation possesses an unique ability to recognize and put together an ideal collection of furniture, rug and other accessories that reflect one's style, taste and hence social status, profession and personality.

For example, items collected from all over the world signifies that the person in question is well traveled, informed individual who would not hesitate to pay for something that would enhance their social standing amongst their peers. People these days are not afraid to live comfortably, and are willing to spend money to flaunt their style and explore new aspects of design.


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